It’s a Brand New Blog

Oh man, that was a bad literary pun… even for me… :) So, I’ve decided to re-enter the blog world — new site, new blog, new content.

I’m constantly (okay, maybe not constantly.. but often enough) asked about the books I’ve read… and often will give people unsolicited advice on what movies to see.  So, here’s a place that brings it all together.

I can always remember being a bookworm — I have many memories of spending my of my childhood summer vacations lying on my beloved cotton rug (not wool! allergies!) with a huge stack of library books right beside me and happily reading the days away.

I’ve recently rekindled the love affair with local library and my love of reading after a short hiatus involving university that seemed to take  up much of my spare reading time.  That’s where the movies came in.  After burying myself in reading textbooks and scholarly papers, reading for pleasure had lost its pull.   During my occasional evenings of not working or studying, I lost myself not in the written word, but that of film.

So, here it goes.  Enjoy and go hug you local librarian or maybe just say ‘hi’.


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