Let’s talk about sleep, shall we?

In efforts to get Elanora into ‘good sleep habits’, I’ve been reading tonnes of articles, websites and books about sleep. After reading up on posts from home decor related blogs (like this one and this one) that I normally read who have babies that sleep for 12 hours straight at 8 weeks, I’m taking a step back from all this “helpful” reading. Seriously.

Elanora has always been a good sleeper — sleeping at least two 3 hours stretches at night once we abandoned Toronto Public Health’s suggestions that she only be in pajamas on day 3. After one night of heartbreaking screaming, we swaddled.  That solved everything! Elanora quickly worked herself out of her swaddle and no longer needed it at about 6 weeks or so — pretty quickly, but also Toronto’s sweltering temperatures had something to do with, I’m sure.

I’ve read so much literature that contradicts itself:   to co-sleep, not to co-sleep; nurse to sleep, don’t nurse to sleep; set a calming household mood anywhere from 2 hours to 30 minutes prior to your bedtime routine; give your baby a pacifier, don’t give it to her… and on and on and on.

But what I’ve found is that none of the literature ever talks about what you are suppose to do when the bedtime routine doesn’t work! What about when she’s showing all the signs of being totally sleepy and then is suddenly wide awake as soon as she gets in her crib? What are you suppose to do between the time when your bedtime routine ends and she is wide awake?

Sleep? I’m not sleepy! May 14/2012

So far, the hours between 8 – 10pm are spent with Paul and I alternating with putting her down in her crib, sneaking out of the room and hoping that she will fall asleep.  I think we are lucky though because it doesn’t take too much longer to get her down, only usually one round of either walking/time in the swing with Paul and one more nursing session with me.

good daytime naps = good night sleep! may 29/12

Since she’s been such a great sleeper, I decided just to go with the flow. She seems to be stretching out her nights by herself… so we must be doing something right!


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