Radio is not dead.

Well, at least not in our house!


I’d been searching for the perfect stereo solution for YEARS. We had a lenghty list of requirements:

  • good quality sound
  • multiple radio presets
  • both AM and FM
  • iPod compatible dock
  • remote control
  • good design
  • not cost a billion dollars

Ironically enough it was the AM radio / iPod dock combination that seemed to take most systems out of the running. I like listening to the radio mostly during the day rather than fiddling with various iPod playlists and Paul likes to listen to the ball games. After considering numerous options including Tivoli, Bose and the usual Panasonic, Sony etc, I stumbled upon a Vers radio while browsing the Chapters website.

Yep, we bought our stereo through a bookstore.

It met all of our requirements and I’m quite pleased with it! Originally I wanted the walnut, but it was sold out.  I’m actually glad we went with the bamboo as so much of the wood in our house is dark and it makes for a nice contrast.

We use it every. single. day. and it’s nice to finally check that off the “to be purchased when am proper grown-up” list :)


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