Elijah meets El-la-no-ra

Elijah is the world’s cutest and best behaved three-year-old. Okay, I’m biased because he’s my nephew. And also the only three-year-old that I know.

Elijah – practicing his dinosaur roar!

I remember when my sister and her husband announced that they were expecting. I was half terrified, half shocked. What? A BABY? what are you supposed to do with THAT? I was (and kinda still am) never one to fawn over a baby – they all looked and acted like weird aliens to me.

Elijah at 6 weeks – cute!

Then, along comes Elijah. Seriously. Cutest baby ever (okay, now, maybe a close second). Seeing my sister with him made me think that this whole baby thing was actually something I could consider sooner rather than later. She made it look pretty easy — and you could tell that she was totally smitten with him.

It got me thinking about cousins and how I wanted us to have our kids relatively close together. All my cousins are pretty close in ages and it was fun growing up together – despite their ongoing (to this day) torture of me as being one of the youngest. Paul, on the other hand, grew up in relative isolation when it comes to cousins (whhattt???!!). Most of his cousins are much older and also did not grow up in Ottawa with him. I was all like, who did you play school with in your grandparents back storage room with?


Paul and I with my best coz (cous?) Loren and her husband Corey in Vancouver

Elijah and Krista came to meet Elanora when she was 3 weeks old. Elijah was great with her!

He was very helpful holding Elanora’s hand during bath time with my mom :)

I’m sure she’ll be following him around and bothering him in no time :).

Elanora checking out her cousin.

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