Mobile love

Paul and I visited Prince Edward County in February a few years ago. We picked up a mobile of the solar system. Paul was working for the Canadian Space Agency and I was feeling nostalgic about Pluto’s planet status loss.

We never hung it up in Ottawa, but we had an obvious place for it in Elanora’s room in Toronto.


Elanora loves to stare at it, but it is a bit far from her crib. We placed it in the center of the room due to its size (well, it is the WHOLE universe!).


When Elijah came to visit he also came with ‘hooray! you’ve arrived!’ presents for Elanora. Hm, I suppose these would be considered birthday presents.

Elijah and my mom picked out this super cute mobile.


We debated for awhile about where to put it. Paul liked the idea of putting it downstairs in the family room, but I was hoping to use it in her room so she’d have something a bit closer to look at while in her crib. We some how never got around to putting it up though. It must of had something to do with having a newborn in the house.

We borrowed Winston’s crib during a visit and Elanora LOVED his mobile. We immediately came home to hang her’s up!


She loves it :)


Elanora’s already had multiple conversations with the animals.


My hopes of her talking to the animals while she peacefully falls asleep have yet to come true! But she coos and smiles to it in the morning while I get ready.


What a great smile :)


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