Cedars be gone!

Our house came with a lovely fence. It also came with a cedar hedge that ran halfway down our yard.


The hedge was in great shape but I felt it was unnecessary.The fence ran right behind it. Also, the trees attracted these swarms of bugs in the spring. Bleugh.


We decided to get rid of it so I posted it on Kijiji during a weekend. I kept a low price ($15 each) for the 10 foot trees as the buyer had to dig them up too.

We had a number of interested buyers but I really wanted someone to take them all at once! After one no-show, I got smart and took a deposit from the next buyer. He was a contract landscaper who would take all of them! Sold!

He sent two guys the next day and they dug out all the trees. I was worried that they were going to leave a mess, but they did a great job!


I feel like our backyard has doubled in size!


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