Canada Day Outfits

Canada Day is a big deal in Ottawa. The whole town gets dressed in red and white and goes down to party all day on Parliament Hill.

Last year we went down to the Hill and saw Will and Kate!

It’s always fun to go down and see all the patriotism and to see what kind of weird red and white apparel they are selling on the street that year.

On our first Canada day together, I was aghast that Paul didn’t have a red shirt to wear. He bought one and wears the same one each year. Of course, he also has to be a rebel and throw in a blue hat.

This year, I was thinking guiltily that Elanora didn’t have a red and white outfit. I was thinking of putting her in a white onesie and a red diaper before I remembered that I had just thrown her pair of red diapers in the wash yesterday.

My worries about Canada Day were laid to rest however. Paul got up early with Elanora and I slept in until about 9am (!!). He had her outfit all picked out.

Oh, if you can’t read it it says “Old enough to dribble. Too young to dunk”.

Elanora has basketball genes on both sides. Paul won the city championship AND McDonald’s Player of the Game MVP for high basketball. I, equally importantly, went to basketball camp with my childhood BBF Brittany one summer :)

Cutest Canada Day baby ever!


2 thoughts on “Canada Day Outfits

  1. Hoopla!

    My most resounding memory of basketball camp was boiled hotdogs and powerade for lunch every day. I still have trouble drinking powerade.

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