Canada Day Adventure

On the Canada Day long weekend we had a different sort of adventure than the usual party half of million in Ottawa. We drove out to Ancaster to see Elanora’s Grammy and Grandpa. It was the first “big” trip for us. Ancaster is about a 45min drive west of us. Too bad we forgot about how other people tend to go to the cottage for the long weekends. Traffic was crazy! Our ride was extended to about an hour and a half and of course we were both worried the whole time about Elanora. She was, of course, totally fine after we put on a cd of Elijah’s songs that had been left in our car.

Elanora had a blast at Grammy and Grandpa’s. She had tonnes of fun testing out the play crib that they bought. She was especially in love with the mobile of little bears the crib had!

We ended up staying the whole day there and decided to do Elanora’s bedtime routine there. We bathed her in the sink, changed her into pajamas and Grammy did the honours of reading the bedtime story.

I was worried that Elanora’s sleep schedule might be thrown off by putting her “to bed” in the car seat and then having a 30 minute car ride home. Turns out it was just the right combination because that night, Elanora slept from 8:30pm to 8:30am!

It was a wonderfully relaxing day where Paul and I were able to just hang out (I was burning through Hunger Games for the second time) and Elanora received all the cuddles from Grammy and Grandpa that she could handle :)


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