Ode to a coffee maker

When we moved to Toronto, we switched out our coffee maker/espresso maker for a Bodum.  We just didn’t have room in the Toronto apartment for a dedicated spot on our kitchen counter for a coffee maker.

Mom and I found a great deal on a Bodum at Winners. $25 for a 12 cup coffee press, but most importantly, in my favourite shade of slate blue.


Aunt Pam quilted a lovely cover for it and kept our coffee nice and warm :)

Paul is a serious coffee drinker. As in, he needs his weekend 3 mugs full or he’s a whole lot of grumpy. I only usually drink a cup at work and none on the weekends. We’ve since evened out our coffee ritual. Now, I have a cup every day – weekend or not, and Paul has been cutting back –  mostly we’ve been too busy for Paul to enjoy the whole 3 mug ritual – but the one cup of coffee is critical.

So, I slightly panicked when the bodum took a spill on a routine coffee grind emptying excursion. So long, bodum, you served us well. And you were exceptionally pretty and well accessorized.

We’d actually been talking about getting a coffee maker again any way.  We missed the programmable timer.

So, here enters the new coffee maker, thanks to a sale and free shipping from the Bay!

Brewing coffee is a wonderful sight!

Elanora sure had fun watching it brew. No picture of that, but here’s a nice blurry one of her talking to all of her toys!


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