Stories in the park

When we were searching for our house, one of the requirements was that it be close to a library. Our realtor said in 8 years, she had never had that request!

Well, it was an obvious requirement for us as I go almost every day as part if our afternoon walk. Other than copious amounts of books, movies and music that we check out on a regular basis, the library also has some really great kids programming.

One of the programs was a four week story time in the park adjoining to
our local branch. Elanora and I finally made it last Thursday.

It was super fun with the librarian reading out stories.


Singing songs with puppets.


And poems and rhymes with a felt board.


It was so much fun and was a good reminder of some of the songs I had completely forgotten about. Plus, my incredible love for the felt storyboard as a kid. Seriously. I loved that thing.

Of course, Elanora slept through the majority of it.


She did wake up for the “Goodbye Song” and had a great time staring at the throngs of kids in a sleepy daze :)


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