Handmade love

In my elementary school, we had Friday “clubs” afternoon where we’d be able to join different hobby-related activities that we would spent one hour doing every few weeks.  One year, I joined the quilting club. It was a small group of girls, probably about 6 of us, and I remember Mrs. Macauley saying that we were probably the “craftiest” group in the whole school. I was totally proud to be acknowledged as “most crafty” :).

I still love to craft, but I also still have problems finishing projects. I still have that half completed a quilt sampler from when I was 10 sitting in my craft box at home in Victoria  waiting for me to finish it.

Luckily, Elanora is fortunate enough to have relatives who love to craft AND have the ability to finish projects.  We received two lovely quilts from her Great Aunts!

Paul’s Aunt Mary sent this lovely quilt

and my Aunt Pam sent this beautiful one, too

They are both so beautiful! Elanora loves staring at the different patterns in the fabric and feeling the texture of the stitches.

Thank you, Aunties!


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