Sekwan and Elanora

Sekwan was born 2 days before Elanora.

Her mom and I love swapping notes on how everything is going.

I especially enjoy how coordinated the are here. It’s totally a fluke they are both in red, black and white. Even more of a fluke that the blanket coordinates too. it’s another moms :)

I mean, look how well we styled these pictures ;)


Baby picnic!

When Elanora was about 7 or 8 weeks old, I joined a new mom’s group through the hospital I delivered at. It was a casual group where we brought our babies, discussed questions and issues all facilitated by a nurse.

It was a great group but only ran through the hospital for 6 weeks. So, we decided to continue the group outside of the hospital. We’ve continued to meet in a regular basis, around every week or two and it’s been terrific fun!

On our first post- hospital group we met for a picnic down by the lake. We all brought some food and laid the babies out to “socialize”.


E is winning the hair growing contest!

Tasty air?

Cutie :)

Cousins and Dads

Last Saturday we headed north of the city to Stouffville for a lovely family barbecue with Paul’s cousins.

After a horrendous car ride – poor E doesn’t like stop and go traffic – we finally arrived!

We had a terrific time and were even able to get a shot of Paul and Scott with the kids.