Cottage toys

Like I said before, E had lots of fun playing with Winston’s toys.

What great smiles :)


Baby’s First Blue Jays Game

A few weeks ago, our neighbourhood hosted North America’s largest Polish festival! so, while 350,000 people came to visit, we went to the afternoon Jays game.

We got on our blue jays outfits and braved the streetcar.

E is not a fan of the streetcar. Mostly bc she is more a fan of naps and can only nap in her stroller rather than a carrier when we are on the go. So, I was a little nervous about how the outing would go.

But, we made it! We sprung for the good seats so we wouldn’t have to take the stroller up too high.
Great view!!
Here’s the obligatory CN tower (or, more affectionately known as the SkyTower in our household) shot.

E was more interested in hanging out with Grammy and napping in her stroller. So we moved sections to a spot that had room for the stroller to be pushed around.
E’s first 7th inning stretch!

We did have a few moments where everyone was up and watching!
Grandpa explained all the plays.

All and all, E had a great time!

Thanks for hanging out with me, Grammy!
It was also fun to hang out with Paul, too :)

Win and E



Winston and Elanora had a great time at the cottage play with each other’s toys. E was always checking out what her cousin was doing.


Of course, we had a fun photo shoot with the two of them.


Hanging out. E wanting to be friends :)




Cottage life

We packed the car and took off to a cottage with Scott, Hanna and Winston for a weekend.
10 points if you can find E!

It rained most of the weekend so we did a whole lot of sitting around. Which was perfect :)
Hanna, Scott and Winston had been up at the cottage for the whole week so we borrowed some of Win’s things.


Elanora had a lot of fun with Winston’s toys.

But, hands down she had the best time hanging out in Win’s loungy bath chair!

Nothing better than a relaxing sink bath!


New glasses!

After 4 years it was finally time to retire my Valentino frames. The right arm was loose, I’d lost some of the rhinestones, and it was time for new glasses.

Here’s a shot of E and I with the old glasses and sporting our hats.
I think my new glasses are radically different. But that may be because I know my old pair intimately.
What do you think? Radically different? Perhaps not.
Of course, my best accessory is my cutie daughter!