We purchased a jumparoo for E in Kijiji and she LOVES it!

This photo is from a few months ago. I just was able to upload the camera photos.

Now she looks more like this in the Jumparoo.

She’s much to busy jumping :)

Ours makes music and random sea creatures flash when you bounce but I don’t often turn that feature on.

E found it fascinating and I was able to take a photo.

She’s in the jumparoo at least 2x a day. Hopefully she’ll have fun in for a nice while yet!

She’s so tall in it compared to the first time I put her in :)



New sweaters

I mentioned offhand to Paul a few weeks ago that I was wanting a new cardigan. I mean, really, a girl can never have too many cardigans! To my delight, today in the mail arrived new sweaters for Daddy’s girls!

Can we talk about how cute it is that E has a picture of herself on her sweater??!!!

Paul also ordered some cute boots for E too.

E was in no mood for a photoshoot – and got busy promptly removing her new boots.

We both love our new sweaters!

New stroller!

After 5 months of using our Uppababy Vista, I decided a switch was in order. We use the stroller every single day so I didn’t think a repurchase was a bad idea.

I really liked the Vista, but wasn’t in love with it. I felt it was too heavy, bulky and often felt that it I was taking up too much space when in shops or on transit.

I did love the look of it and the one handed seat adjustment, large sunshade and the big storage basket. Plus, Paul’s number one requirement was the seat be able to face us so we can look at Elanora :)

So, we sold the Vista on Kijiji and bought the Cruz!

I had originally wanted the Cruz but it wasn’t released in Canada until 2 months after E was born. It’s basically the little sister of the Vista. Smaller and lighter but with the Vista features that we liked.

We took it out for its inaugural spin and E checked out her new ride. At first she was unsure.

But she warmed up to it
shortly and proceeded to make it her own by licking any part she could get in her mouth.

It passes the nap test so we approve!

I think it’s a much better fit for us. Practically everyone in our neighbourhood has a Vista so I was uncomfortable with that (I have to be different!). Not to mention I felt like an imposter with a beige stroller. Bright yellow is much more our style. Plus, I will always root for the little sister :)

Swiss Chalet

Paul LOVES the Swiss Chalet. I had never been until we started dating. Over the years, I’ve come to appreciate their ability to roast a chicken. Plus, I’ve gotten used to the fact that there is ONLY chicken on the menu.

We popped in a few weeks ago for lunch prior to a doctor’s appointment downtown.

E was busy taking it all in. We were thrilled just sitting in a restaurant!

As it was E’s first time at Swiss Chalet, she obviously needed to look at the menu.

Hmm… what should I have to eat?

Review: An Elegy for Amelia Johnson

An Elegy for Amelia JohnsonAn Elegy for Amelia Johnson by Andrew Rostan

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

This was my first foray into the land of graphic novels (okay, other than The Watchmen). I picked it up for a trio of reasons:
1)for my cousin’s Loren’s love of graphic novels,
2)the suggestion of the facilitator of a new mom’s group to read shorter works  and
3)the graphic novel section is right by the elevator at library.

It was blah. The storyline was uninspiring (despite the “inspiring” plot of two friends carrying out the final messages of a friend’s deathbed wish). It was predictable. As was the art.

The artist really enjoyed bolding certain words for emphasis. It was really distracting and I felt like the characters were yelling a lot. It made them seem more like caricatures of themselves and very one-dimensional rather than providing adding meaning or complexity to their roles in the storyline. Ironic, I know, considering they are one-dimensional drawings. But really, any artistic addition is supposed to to add to the narrative, rather than distract, is it not?

I really like the idea of graphic novels. It’s an interesting way to present a narrative. As McLuhan would say, the medium is the message. There was a real bonus in I was able to finish it in one of E’s naps :) I’ll be back into the graphic novel genre, but it was a disappointing self-start.

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