Cottage adventure part 3

Okay, since it was Elanora and mine’s FIRST TRIP TO A COTTAGE EVER! I have one more cottage post. Here’s the cottage in all its glory.

Oh yes, I was also reminded by my Aunt Pam that cottages are called cabins in BC.  This is another reason why I haven’t been to a cottage.

Because it was such a dry summer, there was a fire ban.  We instead roasted marshmallows in the fireplace.  Paul had never done the double roast before! Since I’ve perfected the double roast method (roast the outside, eat the first layer, and then roast the second layer), I was in charge of the roasting.  Also, Paul did all the other cooking the whole weekend :)

The rain cleared on the morning we were set to leave. Paul and I managed to have our morning coffee out on the deck while E was having a morning nap. It was quite idyllic and we decided to take our time heading back home.

HOWEVER. Paul went back into the house to get us some refills and happened upon a tiny red squirrel that had found its way into the cottage.  The poor little guy was so scared that he proceeded to puke in the kitchen and scurry off.  Unfortunately, Paul stepped on the puke (ew) and then noticed that the squirrel had pooed Seriously. It was everywhere. On the stairs, in the living room, in the kitchen, in the hallway. Everywhere.

We decided the pack up and go home.

We still had a great time at the cottage!

Look! It’s our first time at a cottage ever!


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