Review: An Elegy for Amelia Johnson

An Elegy for Amelia JohnsonAn Elegy for Amelia Johnson by Andrew Rostan

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

This was my first foray into the land of graphic novels (okay, other than The Watchmen). I picked it up for a trio of reasons:
1)for my cousin’s Loren’s love of graphic novels,
2)the suggestion of the facilitator of a new mom’s group to read shorter works  and
3)the graphic novel section is right by the elevator at library.

It was blah. The storyline was uninspiring (despite the “inspiring” plot of two friends carrying out the final messages of a friend’s deathbed wish). It was predictable. As was the art.

The artist really enjoyed bolding certain words for emphasis. It was really distracting and I felt like the characters were yelling a lot. It made them seem more like caricatures of themselves and very one-dimensional rather than providing adding meaning or complexity to their roles in the storyline. Ironic, I know, considering they are one-dimensional drawings. But really, any artistic addition is supposed to to add to the narrative, rather than distract, is it not?

I really like the idea of graphic novels. It’s an interesting way to present a narrative. As McLuhan would say, the medium is the message. There was a real bonus in I was able to finish it in one of E’s naps :) I’ll be back into the graphic novel genre, but it was a disappointing self-start.

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