Swiss Chalet

Paul LOVES the Swiss Chalet. I had never been until we started dating. Over the years, I’ve come to appreciate their ability to roast a chicken. Plus, I’ve gotten used to the fact that there is ONLY chicken on the menu.

We popped in a few weeks ago for lunch prior to a doctor’s appointment downtown.

E was busy taking it all in. We were thrilled just sitting in a restaurant!

As it was E’s first time at Swiss Chalet, she obviously needed to look at the menu.

Hmm… what should I have to eat?


5 thoughts on “Swiss Chalet

  1. Really? You’d never been to Swiss Chalet? I’m trying to think if I have but whenever I think of Swiss Chalet, I automatically associated it with Harvey’s since in Vic weren’t they right beside each other?

    1. me too! it was always just the place beside harvey’s. I didn’t even know it was a restaurant! Then, when I realized it was a restaurant, I assumed they served Swiss food :)

      1. And aren’t you glad we somehow weaseled our way out of having to work at Harvey’s in the summer unlike some of the other cousins??
        Sometimes being the youngest does pay off after all!

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