Let’s paint the kitchen!

We moved into our house when E was -2 weeks old. Yes. It was a busy two weeks getting ready for her! Our kitchen/family room was painted a bright red.  It was a pretty red, but just not us. The kitchen cabinets were also in rough shape. Mismatched hardware and peeling paint.  It drove me batty because it never looked clean!

DSCN0893 Ten points if you can spot the hardware that doesn’t match!DSCN0894

Inspired, by this post at Little Green Notebook, I pitched the idea to Paul that we should paint our kitchen cabinets a moody blue/grey. He was hesitant. So I pitched him a light grey.  This he agreed to.  Secretly I really thought the dark blue/grey would look much better so I whipped up some “approximations” on Photoshop.


My amazing photoshop skills at work!


He immediately agreed that the darker versions looked better. Hooray!

Paul had a few days off work so I figured, what else should we do but paint the kitchen! I promised him that he wouldn’t have to do anything, except for help me take off the cabinet doors. Hee hee hee.

I agonized over paint colours – I was worried that the dark grey would be too dark and didn’t want the cabinets sucking all the light out of the space. Luckily, Ashley and Derek were visiting so we had another set of eyes . Finally we settled on two paint chips only to realized that we’d have to find another approximation in Benjamin Moore colours.


Shoot.. not BM colours!



Armed with our trusty list, we set out to Lowes to get all of our supplies as well as all of our hardware.


Finding hardware was easy, especially after we spent so long on paint colours. We went with the only choice that we actually got excited over.


Our kitchen soon turned into chaos.


We ended up with ‘Montpeilier” for the top cabinets and “Inside Edge” for the bottoms.


Paul obviously not having to help :D Pretty sure here he is thinking that he had a whole three day weekend of watching sports all planned out.


My inlaws came to help with E, and to lend their painting expertise.


E had a great time playing forewomen.


Going over some logistics in her office.


Thanks to Garry and Ruth, we were able to have everything done in three days. Amazing! I’m so happy with the results! It looks like a brand new kitchen!



Meeting Uncle Derek and Auntie Ashley

During American Thanksgiving, Elanora got to finally meet her Uncle Derek and Auntie Ashley! We had tonnes of fun and E quickly found out that eyeball (that’s the scientific term) health is no joke and you should protect your eyes. 20121127-162439.jpg

It happened to be Grey Cup weekend, so we braved the cold and headed downtown. It gave Ashley a good taste of a typical Canadian event that we would never go to ;) Here we are standing in the middle of a giant YOU. No idea what it was advertising for.


After that attempt to play tourists, we stuck to what we knew.  Eating! We headed to Chinatown to pick up some groceries and bbq pork.  Delicious.IMG_1449

Poor Paul had to work so I texted him pictures of our delicious meals to make him feel better.


We hung out at home and were totally spoiled by Derek’s cooking all weekend long. Paul and I decided that if we ever moved to Portland we would be over for dinner ALL. THE. TIME. :D

Of course, Uncle Derek had a grand time being the goofball that he is.IMG_1451

When we put E on the potty we tell her to “toot toot”. Not surprisingly, this turned into full on fart noises when Uncle Derek was here :)


We had a super fun time!


Thanks for visiting Auntie Ashley and Uncle Derek!


Hopefully we can visit Portland soon. I love Portland  – great restaurants and tonnes of bookstores… what’s not to like? – and am eager to show Paul some more of the west coast :)


Plus, Derek promised to make us some of Aunt Darlene’s famous ribs!!! Delicious!

Blog-lebrity sighting

I started reading blogs late – in 2008 or so, and when I did, I focused on interior design and home improvement blogs. Fast forward to today, or, er last November, and blogs that I am reading are publishing books.. and going on tour!

Young House Love was the first blog I ever religiously read so I was pretty excited with the prospect of reading their book. John and Sherry also came to Toronto as a stop on their book tour which was pretty fun.  What was more exciting was the fact that it was going to be at West Elm and I hadn’t had a chance to drag Paul there yet :) Plus, one of the mom’s from my mom’s group was a YHL fan too!

We arrived at 6:30pm and had to wait in a CRAZY line. E was quite happy to check out the bedding. IMG_1402

It was the first time I’d been out with her past her bedtime so I was pretty nervous about the whole excursion. She did pretty well though! Although she was pretty grumpy when we got our book!


Meanwhile I texted Paul things I liked in the store.


I told him I’d be quite happy with the above couch, thank you!


Also, everything in the top four compartments please.


Lee and PP, our trusty partners in book signing.


We didn’t end up getting to the table until 8:30pm (!!) E woke up from sleeping about 3 minutes away from the table.  I didn’t want to risk a grumpy baby so I kept her in the carrier.  Fun fact: In this shot, John is telling me how much Sherry loves the name ‘Nadene’ and two ‘e’s make much more sense. Also, that Nicole of Making it Lovely, calls her daughter, Eleanor, Nora as a nickname.  Basically, our names are awesome.


It was a fun night… and E slept through the night that evening, what more can you ask for??

Christmas at Chapters

As Christmas approached, P and I started talking about Christmas traditions that we wanted to have as a family. Paul fondly remembers reading Twas a Night Before Christmas every year. I fully support anything that has to do with books and reading so I was on board with this tradition!

We headed to Chapters to find a copy that met Paul’s very high standards (big, but not too big, traditional illustrations but nothing too fancy; Santa as a human, not as a mouse…). We’ve been living in Toronto for almost 2 years, but have only explored a tiny fraction of our new town. What a surprise to find that our closest Chapters was a converted old theater.


There were fun details all over the store paying tribute to the store’s former life as a theatre.


I wanted to buy everything in the baby’s first Christmas section.

There was a whole pile of kids Christmas books – including about 25 versions of Twas a night before Christmas. None of them met Paul’s approval.


Paul talked me out of buying this for Elijah. Boo. Every kid needs a toddler sized pirate ship!

IMG_1366I had tonnes of fun looking through the kids books. I’m excited about sharing some favourites with E. I had totally forgotten about Encyclopedia Brown!


I’m thinking that the Secret World of Og may be something I reread again in the near future.


How fun that we found a Toronto kids book.


For the record, I haven’t been to either of these places!


We found Paul’s favourite book.


As usual, E had a grand time :)