Christmas at Chapters

As Christmas approached, P and I started talking about Christmas traditions that we wanted to have as a family. Paul fondly remembers reading Twas a Night Before Christmas every year. I fully support anything that has to do with books and reading so I was on board with this tradition!

We headed to Chapters to find a copy that met Paul’s very high standards (big, but not too big, traditional illustrations but nothing too fancy; Santa as a human, not as a mouse…). We’ve been living in Toronto for almost 2 years, but have only explored a tiny fraction of our new town. What a surprise to find that our closest Chapters was a converted old theater.


There were fun details all over the store paying tribute to the store’s former life as a theatre.


I wanted to buy everything in the baby’s first Christmas section.

There was a whole pile of kids Christmas books – including about 25 versions of Twas a night before Christmas. None of them met Paul’s approval.


Paul talked me out of buying this for Elijah. Boo. Every kid needs a toddler sized pirate ship!

IMG_1366I had tonnes of fun looking through the kids books. I’m excited about sharing some favourites with E. I had totally forgotten about Encyclopedia Brown!


I’m thinking that the Secret World of Og may be something I reread again in the near future.


How fun that we found a Toronto kids book.


For the record, I haven’t been to either of these places!


We found Paul’s favourite book.


As usual, E had a grand time :)






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