Blog-lebrity sighting

I started reading blogs late – in 2008 or so, and when I did, I focused on interior design and home improvement blogs. Fast forward to today, or, er last November, and blogs that I am reading are publishing books.. and going on tour!

Young House Love was the first blog I ever religiously read so I was pretty excited with the prospect of reading their book. John and Sherry also came to Toronto as a stop on their book tour which was pretty fun.  What was more exciting was the fact that it was going to be at West Elm and I hadn’t had a chance to drag Paul there yet :) Plus, one of the mom’s from my mom’s group was a YHL fan too!

We arrived at 6:30pm and had to wait in a CRAZY line. E was quite happy to check out the bedding. IMG_1402

It was the first time I’d been out with her past her bedtime so I was pretty nervous about the whole excursion. She did pretty well though! Although she was pretty grumpy when we got our book!


Meanwhile I texted Paul things I liked in the store.


I told him I’d be quite happy with the above couch, thank you!


Also, everything in the top four compartments please.


Lee and PP, our trusty partners in book signing.


We didn’t end up getting to the table until 8:30pm (!!) E woke up from sleeping about 3 minutes away from the table.  I didn’t want to risk a grumpy baby so I kept her in the carrier.  Fun fact: In this shot, John is telling me how much Sherry loves the name ‘Nadene’ and two ‘e’s make much more sense. Also, that Nicole of Making it Lovely, calls her daughter, Eleanor, Nora as a nickname.  Basically, our names are awesome.


It was a fun night… and E slept through the night that evening, what more can you ask for??


2 thoughts on “Blog-lebrity sighting

  1. I’ve perused this blog too! Loved reading about their wedding :) Let me know how the book is! I will follow this blog more closely now.

  2. Oh I forgot to ask – what is West Elm exactly? Is it like a higher version of Pottery Barn? One just opened on Granville closeby to us and I haven’t bothered checking it out yet.

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