Meeting Uncle Derek and Auntie Ashley

During American Thanksgiving, Elanora got to finally meet her Uncle Derek and Auntie Ashley! We had tonnes of fun and E quickly found out that eyeball (that’s the scientific term) health is no joke and you should protect your eyes. 20121127-162439.jpg

It happened to be Grey Cup weekend, so we braved the cold and headed downtown. It gave Ashley a good taste of a typical Canadian event that we would never go to ;) Here we are standing in the middle of a giant YOU. No idea what it was advertising for.


After that attempt to play tourists, we stuck to what we knew.  Eating! We headed to Chinatown to pick up some groceries and bbq pork.  Delicious.IMG_1449

Poor Paul had to work so I texted him pictures of our delicious meals to make him feel better.


We hung out at home and were totally spoiled by Derek’s cooking all weekend long. Paul and I decided that if we ever moved to Portland we would be over for dinner ALL. THE. TIME. :D

Of course, Uncle Derek had a grand time being the goofball that he is.IMG_1451

When we put E on the potty we tell her to “toot toot”. Not surprisingly, this turned into full on fart noises when Uncle Derek was here :)


We had a super fun time!


Thanks for visiting Auntie Ashley and Uncle Derek!


Hopefully we can visit Portland soon. I love Portland  – great restaurants and tonnes of bookstores… what’s not to like? – and am eager to show Paul some more of the west coast :)


Plus, Derek promised to make us some of Aunt Darlene’s famous ribs!!! Delicious!


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