Let’s paint the kitchen!

We moved into our house when E was -2 weeks old. Yes. It was a busy two weeks getting ready for her! Our kitchen/family room was painted a bright red.  It was a pretty red, but just not us. The kitchen cabinets were also in rough shape. Mismatched hardware and peeling paint.  It drove me batty because it never looked clean!

DSCN0893 Ten points if you can spot the hardware that doesn’t match!DSCN0894

Inspired, by this post at Little Green Notebook, I pitched the idea to Paul that we should paint our kitchen cabinets a moody blue/grey. He was hesitant. So I pitched him a light grey.  This he agreed to.  Secretly I really thought the dark blue/grey would look much better so I whipped up some “approximations” on Photoshop.


My amazing photoshop skills at work!


He immediately agreed that the darker versions looked better. Hooray!

Paul had a few days off work so I figured, what else should we do but paint the kitchen! I promised him that he wouldn’t have to do anything, except for help me take off the cabinet doors. Hee hee hee.

I agonized over paint colours – I was worried that the dark grey would be too dark and didn’t want the cabinets sucking all the light out of the space. Luckily, Ashley and Derek were visiting so we had another set of eyes . Finally we settled on two paint chips only to realized that we’d have to find another approximation in Benjamin Moore colours.


Shoot.. not BM colours!



Armed with our trusty list, we set out to Lowes to get all of our supplies as well as all of our hardware.


Finding hardware was easy, especially after we spent so long on paint colours. We went with the only choice that we actually got excited over.


Our kitchen soon turned into chaos.


We ended up with ‘Montpeilier” for the top cabinets and “Inside Edge” for the bottoms.


Paul obviously not having to help :D Pretty sure here he is thinking that he had a whole three day weekend of watching sports all planned out.


My inlaws came to help with E, and to lend their painting expertise.


E had a great time playing forewomen.


Going over some logistics in her office.


Thanks to Garry and Ruth, we were able to have everything done in three days. Amazing! I’m so happy with the results! It looks like a brand new kitchen!



2 thoughts on “Let’s paint the kitchen!

  1. Your kitchen looks fabulous! Thanks for sharing :) Turned out really nice. I really, really want to come visit. I will even consider cooking for you too :)

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