Lose the baby weight.

Since I put my goal list out into the interwebs, I feel I absolutely must clarify this goal. I must say, I really don’t mind the weight. I feel I earned it.

Society’s fascination with youth is baffling to me. If there is anything that raising young children have reminded me, is that being a kid – being small – is HARD. The world is built for grown ups: taps are too high, chairs are too big, doors can be hard to open. Zippers take time to master.

I feel the extra 20 points gives me more legitimacy – more weight, literally, to myself. To be taken more seriously – to be accepted into the adult world – finally.  Often, I find myself in the shadow (literally) by my 6’2″ husband or mistaken for a child on the phone by telemarketers. Why do you want to speak to my mother? Yes, I am the owner of this house. No, I do not need the ducts cleaned. I can’t control my height or weight, but my weight is my own to lose or gain.

I also feel that the weight is a badge of honour. I grew a whole human! Two of them, in fact! A sign that I’ve survived the process and become even more than what I was before.  So, losing the baby weight is low on my priority list. However, high on my priority list is remembering to take care of myself as well as my family. To be healthy, strong and confident so I can be a better role model for my children. So I can make sure I am there for them for decades to come.

So, my Fitbit is on. Let’s go.




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